What is the difference between a Debug device and a Live device?
The A920 Debug device is intended for development purposes only. It allows you to sideload an APK and transfer files through USB cable easily and quickly.
With Live devices, for security reasons, it is impossible to sideload an APK. The only way to update the applications is through PAXSTORE.
Only Live devices can be deployed in the market.
How do I check to see if a PAX A920 device is in Debug Mode or Live Mode?
Turn on the device. On a Debug device, a
watermark is shown on the bottom right corner of the screen. If there is no watermark, it is a Live device.
How do I install an app on a Debug device?
If you develop your Android app using Android Studio you can connect the device to your computer and install the APK directly on the device.Alternatively, you can transfer the APK to the device, select the APK on the device, and then follow the instructions to install it. On a Mac, you must use a file transfer tool such as Android File Transfer. On a Windows computer, you can simply copy and paste the APK.
PAX Setting and Developer Option Passwords
Terminal OS
Setting Password
Developer Option Password (Debug Device Only)
A920 5.1 (V3.22 and lower)
A920 5.1 (V3.23 and higher)
A920 7.1 (V5.05 and higher)
A920 7.1 (V5.06 and higher)
How to install an App on a live device?
After building a new APK, complete and submit the PAX A920 Application form to send Cybersource the details (including the APK) of your application. Every update must go through the App review process, which takes two to three business days. After the submitted app is approved, the app will be available for download in PAXSTORE.
What is BroadPOS P2PE?
BroadPOS P2PE is a payment application developed by PAX that is responsible for card data encryption and returning the encrypted card data to the point-of-sale application running on PAX device.
How do I find device logs on a PAX device?
On a debug device, both BroadPOS logs and POSLink logs are useful for troubleshooting device-related issues.
  • BroadPOS log
    : These logs are located at /sdcard/Android/data/ with the name broadpos_logyyyymmdd.log.
  • POSLink log
    : These logs are located in the root folder with the name POSLINKyyyymmdd.log.
On a live device, you cannot access the logs directly. For access to live device logs, contact Customer Support.
If you encounter an
Multiple BroadPOS Not Allowed
error when starting a transaction, it is because you have installed an application (most likely PlainKeyInject) on your device that is not compatible with the payment application BroadPOS P2PE pre-installed on your PAX device.
To see if the PlainKeyInject app is installed, go to
Settings > Password
(see the list of PAX passwords in the table above.)
> Apps
. If the app is listed, uninstall it and retry the transaction. If this step does not fix the error, contact Customer Support.
What type of signature should be used when signing an App?
In order to publish an APK on PAXSTORE, the suggested method for signing an app is to use a local Keystore and enable Android Studio to sign the APK. All the APK versions of the same app must be signed with the same developer signature.
How do I fix the “Accessory update require” error?
This error occurs when your Android SDK version is not compatible with BroadPOS P2PE version installed on your device. Contact Customer Support to update the BroadPOS P2PE on your device.
How do I perform a factory reset on the PAX A920?
Go to
Settings > Password
(see the list of PAX passwords in the table above.)
> Backup & reset > Factory data reset > RESET PHONE
. Note that the factory reset will not affect the preloaded Device Key.