Windows Integration

The Payworks Payment Gateway enables Windows-based POS vendors to easily add payment to their systems with PayServer and PayClient.
In order to get started, , which is a web portal that enables you to have an overview of your application; including transactions, merchants, and card readers.
For testing with a real card reader, you can order a developer kit.
Follow these steps to unlock the power of the Payworks Payment Gateway on Windows:
Set up PayServer.
Configure the PayServer connection to the card reader and start the server, then perform your first transaction:
Integrate with Microsoft .NET-based POS Software.
POS Software built on the Microsoft .NET Platform can directly integrate the PayClient Library:
Integrate with any other Windows-based POS Software.
POS Software written in other programming languages connect to the PayServer via a socket and use the JSON-based PayProtocol (P3):
Test & Go Live
Make sure your solution is correctly configured and works as expected:
  • Perform a few test cases and send us an overview of your payment flow and receipts for review.
And, finally, configure your system for production: