Windows Setup

You can connect the Verifone VX820 card reader with a Windows PC via USB or Ethernet.
Connecting via USB
  1. Install the driver and click the
    Single device system
  2. Verify that the Verifone VX820 is running in USB Mode as described in USB Connectivity Configuration, and connect it to the PC. using the USB cable.
  3. In the
    Device Manager
    of the Windows PC, the Verifone VX820 should now appear under
    Ports (COM & LPT)
    Vx820 PIN Pad
  4. Specify this
    COM Port
    when setting up the PayServer.
Connecting via Ethernet
There is no Windows-specific set up required for Ethernet connectivity. However, follow these steps to ensure connectivity is successful.
  1. Specify the correct IP Address (or Hostname) of the Verifone card reader when setting up the PayServer.