Custom Receipts

If you require more flexibility than ready-made receipts provide, you can also send or print custom receipts, including payment-related data. Here is how you can access receipt data using the backend API:
Make sure that your custom receipt contains all the required receipt information fields shown below and that you are able to also send receipts for successful refunds.
Sample Receipt
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Required Receipt information
The sample receipt above shows where the data contained in the API response should be displayed:
  1. Full address of the merchant, including the country. Iterate over
    , for each item print
  2. $.receiptType.value
  3. $.transactionType.value
  4. $.amountAndCurrency
  5. The payment details, e.g., the masked account number. Iterate over
    , for each item print
  6. $.statusText.value
  7. $.date.value
  8. The clearing details, e.g., the merchant identifier. Iterate over
    , for each item print
  9. (Not shown) If the
    is true, then you have to print a signature line on your merchant receipt.
Query Receipt Data from the Platform API
You can query receipt data for a transaction by its
and the language code, e.g.
. You can find the necessary authentication and endpoints for this API here.
{ "status": "ok" "data": { "merchantDetails": [ { "label": null, "key": "MerchantDetailsPublicName", "value": "Company Name" }, { "label": null, "key": "MerchantDetailsAddress", "value": "Street 42b" }, { "label": null, "key": "MerchantDetailsZip", "value": "12345" }, { "label": null, "key": "MerchantDetailsCity", "value": "City" }, { "label": null, "key": "MerchantDetailsCountry", "value": "Germany" }, { "label": null, "key": "MerchantDetailsContact", "value": "+49 (170) 1234567" }, { "label": null, "key": "MerchantDetailsAdditionalInformation", "value": "Tax ID: 1234567890" } ], "receiptType": { "key": "ReceiptType", "label": "Receipt Type", "value": "Merchant Receipt" }, "transactionType": { "key": "TransactionType", "label": "Type", "value": "Payment" }, "date": { "key": "Date", "label": "Date", "value": "16.7.2013" }, "time": { "key": "Time", "label": "Time", "value": "15:38:14" }, "identifier": { "key": "Identifier", "label": "PWID", "value": "#{#transactionIdentifier}" }, "statusText": { "key": "StatusText", "label": "Information", "value": "Please retain receipt!" }, "amountAndCurrency": { "key": "AmountAndCurrency", "label": "Amount", "value": "5.20 €" }, "subject": { "key": "Subject", "label": "Description", "value": "MyUsage" }, "paymentDetails": [ { "key": "PaymentDetailsSchemeOrLabel", "label": "Card", "value": "Visa Credit" }, { "key": "PaymentDetailsMaskedAccount", "label": "Account", "value": "1234" }, { "key": "PaymentDetailsEMVApplicationID", "label": "AID", "value": "A0000000041010" }, { "key": "PaymentDetailsSource", "label": "Entry Mode", "value": "Magstripe" }, { "key": "PaymentDetailsPanSequenceNumber", "label": "PAN Sequence Number", "value": "1" } ], "clearingDetails": [ { "key": "ClearingDetailsTransactionIdentifier", "label": "Transaction", "value": "*" }, { "key": "ClearingDetailsAuthorizationCode", "label": "Authorization", "value": "*/*" }, { "key": "ClearingDetailsMerchantId", "label": "Merchant ID", "value": "*" }, { "key": "ClearingDetailsTerminalId", "label": "Terminal ID", "value": "*" } ], "signatureLineRequired" : false }, }
Adjusting Timezone , Language, and Number Formatting of Receipt Data
The receipt data provided by the API can easily be localized. Pass the name of your time zone as defined in the tz database using the
parameter. Time zone name examples: Europe/Berlin, Europe/London, or Africa/Johannesburg.
To adjust language and number formatting, pass your locale using the
parameter. Currently supported locales are listed in the table. If your required locale not be list, contact Customer Support.
en-*(e.g. en-US, en-GB)
de-* (e.g. de-DE, de-AT, de-CH)
fr-* (e.g. fr-FR, fr-CH, fr-BE)
it-* (e.g. it-IT, it-CH)
nl-* (e.g. nl-NL, nl-BE)
pt-* (e.g. pt-PT)
es-* (e.g. es-ES)