Factory reset the reader

Disclaimer: A factory reset can lead to a long update (5-15 minutes depending on how the reader is connected and internet connection) when performing the first transaction afterwards. Before doing a factory reset, please try option 1 (Power up as normal) and option 2 (System restore) first.

In case you are having problems with a Miura reader, you can do a factory reset. The Miura Shuttle has the reset button located in a small hole on the left side of the reader, right to the power button.And the Miura M010 has a reset button located in a small hole on the upper side of the reader, right to the power button. Here are the steps you need to take for the factory reset:

  1. Push the reset button with a paper clip.
  2. Press 3 to select option "Total factory reset".
  3. Confirm by pressing ENT (green [✔]).
  4. The card reader will perform a complete factory  reset. This will take some minutes.

Mount the "MIURA" drive while USB Serial Mode is enabled

  1. Hold down the number 9 key and then press the reset button with a paperclip. The reset button is located in the hole next to the power button.
  2. Connect M010 to a PC via USB. After a while, a new drive called "MIURA" should appear.

Disable USB Serial Mode altogether

To disable USB Serial Mode again, just do a factory reset.

Bluetooth Troubleshooting

In case you run into any problems with the Bluetooth connection to your Miura reader, try these steps:

  1. Check the reader connection the reader (see below). If this does not solve the issue then:
  2. Restart and reconnect the card reader. If this does not solve the issue then:
  3. Factory reset and reconnect the card reader.

Pair the Miura via Bluetooth on iOS/Android

The card reader needs to be paired to your iOS device via Bluetooth, turned on and not in sleep mode, so that it can be used for a transaction:

  1. Before starting a transaction, make sure the card reader is paired to your device (see here).
  2. Turn on the reader by pressing the power button and wake the reader up from the sleep mode by pressing any key.
  3. On iOS: make sure the Bluetooth connection is active (the Bluetooth symbol next to the battery symbol is black). This usually happens automatically after you woke up the reader from sleep mode. You can also manually activate the Bluetooth connection by tapping the reader in your iOS device's Bluetooth settings, after the reader has left the sleep mode.
  4. Start a transaction.

Restart card reader

  1. Restart the card reader by holding down the power button for more than five seconds and start it up again by pressing and releasing the power button immediately.
  2. Remove the card reader from the list of connected Bluetooth devices on your phone.
  3. Go through the Bluetooth pairing process again (see here).
  4. Verify that the reader is turned on and not in sleep mode (see above).
  5. Start a transaction. 

Tampered card readers

The Miura reader has a tamper detection system to detect unauthorised manipulation of the reader hardware (e.g. to eavesdrop on the PIN from the shopper). For example, the detection system triggers when somebody tries to crack open the case or when the reader is dropped onto the floor hard.

Once trigged, the Miura display will only show the "TAMPERED" prompt and will cease to function. In this case, please contact your hardware provider to get the item replaced.

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