Loyalty & Bonus Cards

In addition to processing transactions with payment cards such as Visa and MasterCard, we also make it easy for you to read the card number (PAN) from magstripe-based Loyalty or Bonus Cards.

In order to ensure the highest security standards, understand however that you never will be able to read the PAN of a payment card. Instead, the BIN (i.e. the first six digits) of your loyalty or bonus card scheme must specifically be white-listed by us and never overlap with the BINs used by payment cards.


Get in touch with your account manager to understand if this feature will work with your specific loyalty or bonus card scheme.

Read a Magstripe Loyalty or Bonus Card

Please be aware that reading of Loyalty or Bonus Cards is currently only available on the Miura card readers.

Create the activity via createReadCardIntent and check for RESULT_CODE_READ_CARD_SUCCESS in onActivityResult. After a successful swipe, CardDetails will contain the unencrypted cardNumber and raw track1, track2 and track3 data.

void readCard() {
	MposUi ui = MposUi.initialize(/* ... */);

	AccessoryParameters accessoryParameters = new AccessoryParameters.Builder(AccessoryFamily.MIURA_MPI)

	Intent intent = MposUi.getInitializedInstance().createReadCardIntent();
	startActivityForResult(intent, MposUi.REQUEST_CODE_READ_CARD);

protected void onActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent data) {

	if (requestCode == MposUi.REQUEST_CODE_READ_CARD) {
		if (resultCode == MposUi.RESULT_CODE_READ_CARD_SUCCESS) {

			CardDetails details = MposUi.getInitializedInstance().getCardDetails();

			StringBuilder cardDetails = new StringBuilder();

			if(details.getMaskedCardNumber() != null) {
				cardDetails.append("MaskedCardNumber: " + details.getMaskedCardNumber() + "\n");

			if(details.getCardNumber() != null) {
				cardDetails.append("CardNumber: " + details.getCardNumber() + "\n");

			if(details.getTrack1() != null) {
				cardDetails.append("Track1: " + details.getTrack1() + "\n");

			if(details.getTrack2() != null) {
				cardDetails.append("Track2: " + details.getTrack2() + "\n");

			if(details.getTrack3() != null) {
				cardDetails.append("Track3: " + details.getTrack3() + "\n");

			Toast.makeText(this, cardDetails.toString(), Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();

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