How do I turn on the card reader?

Press the
key until the screen lights up.

How do I turn off the card reader?

Press the
key until the reader turns off.

How do I scroll up and down in the menu?

Press the
key to scroll up and
key to scroll down.

How do I change the password?

  1. Enter the "Engineering Menu" by pressing the
    keys at the same time.
  2. Enter"12345678" as the default password. Click on "Password" and enter your new password.
  3. Press the
    key to confirm.
  4. Exit the “Engineering menu” by pressing the

What if the card reader displays a
Comms Error
" message?

This error message means that the e355 card reader could not connect to the WiFi. Verify your WiFi settings and reset them, if necessary. If this does not resolve the error, restart the card reader.

How can I verify that the card reader is reachable within the network?

Open a command line and run
telnet <ip> <port>
. If the device is reachable, it will connect and show "Device powered on".