How do I board Credorax Merchants via the API?

Your goal is to use the Platform API to create a merchant that can process payments via Credorax.
This guide shows you how to create a merchant based on the "Merchant Connectivity Details" document that Credorax has provided to you.
It further explains how to assign a reader to the merchant and how to generate a merchant secret key for the new merchant.

1. Create a Merchant with CREDORAX as the processing path

Try it out!
{ "processingPaths": [ {
: [ "EUR" ], "schemes": [ "VISA", "MASTER", "MAESTRO", "VISAELECTRON" ], "details": { "institute": "CREDORAX",
: [ "T0001222", "T0001333", "T0001334" ],
:"PWM-Flower Shop",
: "321tax74h9vs403e" },
"name": "Credorax EUR"
} ], "readers": [],
: "Test Merchant #42" }
Based on the "Merchant Connectivity Details" document from Credorax, please provide those parameters:
Provide the
as stated in the "MID Setup Details" section of the "Merchant Connectivity Details" document.
Should your "Merchant Connectivity Details" document contain multiple currencies in the "MID Setup Details" section, please understand that the platform currently only supports one currency per merchant on the platform. This means you need to create one merchant for each currency.
Provide all Terminal IDs from the "TID" section. Credorax usually provides 10 TIDs, which means that you can use up to ten active readers at the same time.
Provide the
Gateway MID
as stated in the "MID Setup Details" section. Its six characters long.
Provide the
MID Name
as stated in the "MID Setup Details" section.
If you are a
Payment Facilitator
and you are using one of your super-merchant
Gateway MIDs
, please specify the
in this format: <PaymentFacilitatorAbbreviation>-<SubMerchantName>, e.g. "PWM-Flower Shop". Talk to your account manager if you are unsure what you need to provide here!
Provide the
Signature Key
as stated in the "Connectivity Details" section.
Make sure to specify a unique name for each merchant that you create on the platform.
We recommend to always use "Credorax" and the currency for this name.
You will receive a
after successfully creating the merchant:
{ "status": "ok", "data": { /*...*/
"identifier": "74b47dcd-45b0-4c65-a4d1-afd4aae32708"
, "name": "Test Merchant #42" /*...*/ } }

2. Find the reader you want to assign to the merchant

The platform keeps track of all the readers that you have purchased. In order to assign a reader to the new merchant you have created in Step 1, you must know its
. Use this API to find the
of a reader based on its serial number (e.g. 999-100001):
Try it out!
You will receive the
in the response:
{ "status": "ok", "data": [{ /*...*/
"identifier": "0665ede3-3990-4c9b-beac-77abfeda5858"
, "model": "MIURA_SHUTTLE", "details": { "serialNo": "999100001" /*...*/ } }] }

3. Assign the reader to new merchant

Based on the
from Step 1 and the
from Step 2, you can now assign the reader to the merchant:
Try it out!

4. Generate the Merchant Secret Key

You can also generate a Merchant Secret Key for the Merchant via the API:
Try it out!
You will receive the Merchant Secret Key in the response:
{ "status": "ok", "data": { "status": "ACTIVE",
"key": "9pCcTI2mzUbLKoCdezVBowhv0b6gGwoo"
} }