Can I integrate the mPOS SDK in a Swift App?

Yes, you can work with the mPOS SDK entirely in Swift.
To install it, add the following command in your
: and run
pod install
Remember to update the SDK to the latest released version. You also need to use
Xcode 12
and an iOS project targeting
iOS 13
or above.
source '' source '' use_frameworks! target :"your-app-target>" do pod 'payworks', '' pod 'payworks.paybutton', '' end
Once cocoapods are installed, Swift will work out of the box. You just need to import the module of Payworks library and all Api's will be available. A normal view controller should look like this:
import UIKit import mpos_core class ViewController: UIViewController { override func viewDidLoad() { super.viewDidLoad() // Do any additional setup after loading the view. payworksExample() } func payworksExample() { let transactionProvider = MPMpos.transactionProvider(for: .TEST, merchantIdentifier: "test", merchantSecretKey: "test") let transactionParameters = MPTransactionParameters.charge(withAmount: NSDecimalNumber(string: "10"), currency: .GBP) { (optionals) in // optionals } let accessory = MPAccessoryParameters.mock() let _ = transactionProvider.startTransaction(with: transactionParameters, accessoryParameters: accessory, processParameters: nil) { (transactionProcess, transaction) in // do something } statusChanged: { (transactionProcess, transaction, transactionProcessDetails) in print(transactionProcessDetails.information[0]) print(transactionProcessDetails.information[1]) // do something } actionRequired: { (transactionProcess, transaction, transactionAction, transactionActionSupport) in // do something } completed: { (transactionProcess, transaction, transactionProcessDetails) in // do something } } }