Enable / Disable Verifone Extended Wifi Logging

If you don't have the passwords mentioned below, please refer to support@payworks.com or your Solution Consultant.

Enable/Disable Extended Wifi Logging Package: Download

Warning: Extended Wifi logging slows down the device, so it needs to be disabled after capturing the logs.

Procedure to enable/disable Logs

  • Press 7 + Enter to bring up the terminal manager
  • Enter the password to access
  • Go to "3 -> Download", enter "1" as group ID, and enter the Group ID password
  • Choose "1 -> Single App", then "2 -> Partial Download", then "6 -> Next page", then "2 -> USB Device"
  • Run enable_logging.bat to enable logs
  • Reboot the terminal afterwards
  • Capture the relevant logs and retrieve them.
  • After extracting the logs, follow the same instructions, but run disable_logging.bat instead


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