Retrieve Verifone Device Logs

If you don't have the passwords mentioned below, please refer to or your Solution Consultant.

  • Please make sure that the Verifone USB Driver is installed. When the device is connected via USB, it should show up as "VX Gen 3 Terminal (COM9)" in the Windows Device Manager. If that is not the case, please refer to this article.
  • Reproduce the problem, then immediately enter Bootloader/OS mode on the Terminal by pressing "Enter + 7", then entering the bootloader password. The bootloader password is different from the engineering menu password.
  • Connect the reader via USB to the PC that will capture the logs
  • On the capturing PC, open up Putty (
    • Connect to the Device using Serial Connection (COM9, 115200 Rate)
    • Configure Putty to log all communication into a file (Session > Logging)
  • On the device, initiate log dumping by pressing "Clear + 4"
  • Wait while logs are being dumped
  • Restart the device

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