My transaction fails with a network error. How can I troubleshoot this?

There are various reasons why a transaction might fail with a network error. Most of the time we already return a self explanatory response (e.g. no internet or timeout), but there are also cases where the messages are not directly pointing to one specific error source. In addition to the problems that come up due to sporadic network problems, there are also ones that are caused by intercepting devices within your network (e.g. proxy servers or deep packet inspecting equipment).

One of the first steps to check your connectivity to our backends would be to open up our status page In addition to that, check the following items to rule out any network misconfiguration:

Make sure your device is not using a proxy server. This is especially true if you are receiving TLS/SSL error messages.

  • Check your APN settings when connected via cellular data.
  • Check your network configuration when connected via traditional wired or wireless networks.

Make sure your network configuration is up to date and has the correct (default) gateway and DNS server set (or assigned via DHCP).

  • Check your network configuration for the DNS servers.
  • Check your network configuration for the (default) gateway.

Make sure your network is not forcing http proxying and does not use deep packet inspection hardware.

  • If your network is using measures that try to inspect the encrypted messages generated by our SDK (by means of  attempting to decrypt it), the SDK will fail at this point.
  • There is no mitigation available at this point. You are not able to run our software in such an environment.

Make sure the network route between you and our server infrastructure is working.

  • Since the internet is a really big and (somewhat) complex network, there might be outages that are out of our control and prevent you from reaching our servers (or vice versa).
  • In case you experience unexplainable timeouts or unavailable messages, please give it another try and check if that works out.
  • If the error persists, feel free to contact our support to investigate this further!


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