How to understand the transaction export from the Gateway Manager

The Gateway Manager allows you to download a CSV file with all your transactions from a certain timeframe.


Column Name Description
ApplicationId The unique identifier of your application on the Payworks system.
ApplicationName The name of your Payworks application. You can change it in the Gateway Manager.
MerchantName The name of the merchant that did the transaction. You can change it in the Gateway Manager.
TransactionGroupIdentifier The Payworks identifier of the transaction group. For example a refund of a prior debit transaction or a charge of a prior preauthorized transaction.
TransactionIdentifier The Payworks transaction identifier of that transaction.
Date Transaction timestamp.
Currency Transaction currency.
Amount Transaction amount.

The payment method that was used for the transaction.

  • CC: Credit card
  • DC: Debit card
Scheme The card/payment brand used for that transaction (e.g. Mastercard, Visa, American Express).
The type of the transaction:
  • DB: Debit / Charge
  • PA: Preauthorization
  • CP: Capture
  • RF: Refund
Status The status of that transactions (see
StatusDetails The status details of a transaction (see
Subject The transaction subject. Can be used by the merchant to describe the transaction (if implemented by the integrator).
CustomIdentifier The custom identifier that was set for that transaction (if implemented by the integrator).
How the card was presented
  • ICC: Chip.
  • MAGSTRIPE: Magnetic stripe.
  • MAGSTRIPE_AS_FALLBACK: Magnetic stripe (after the terminal was not able to read the card's chip).
  • NFC_ICC / NFC_MAGSTRIPE: Contactless.
  • MANUAL: No card was presented (e.g. during a refund).
  • QR_CODE: Usually used by alternative payment methods, such as Alipay

How the cardholder authorized the transaction

  • SIGNATURE: The cardholder signed the receipt (digital signature on a screen or physical signature on a paper receipt).
  • PIN_ONLINE: The cardholder's PIN was verified online.
  • PIN_OFFLINE_ENCIPHERED / PIN_OFFLINE_PLAINTEXT: The cardholder PIN was verified on the terminal.
  • CUSTOMER_DEVICE: The cardholder's device was used to authorize the transaction e.g. a smartphone with Android Pay or Apple Pay.
BIN The first 6 digits of the card: "bank / issuer identifier number", see
Last4Digits The last 4 digits of a card.
payworksMerchantId The unique identifier of that merchant on the Payworks platform.
ClearingInstitute Contains the acquiring bank or processor that was used to process the transaction. It depends on the merchant clearing institute that was set up for the merchant and the used card scheme.
TerminalId The terminal ID that was used for that transaction. It is usually used by the acquiring bank to trace transactions from the same card terminal.
ReaderModel The model of the card terminal that was used for the transaction.
ReaderId The unique Payworks identifier of the card terminal.
ReaderSerialNo The serial number of the card terminal (can usually be found on the back of the terminal).


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